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Say Hello Again to an Old Friend...the Scrunchie is Back!

Love it or hate it the scrunchie is making its comeback stronger than ever! A new wave of tweens, teens, millennials, and moms have been embracing this iconic fashion accessory and welcoming it back into their wardrobes.

As a young girl I can remember putting in waaaaay too much time attempting to constantly match one (or, I'm ashamed to admit - even more than one) of these fabric bands to my colorful outfit. I'd gather my messy, curly-Q hair into a high ponytail and adorn it with a beloved scrunchie. But, as with all things fashion, this trend seemed to go as quickly as it came. Soon I abandoned this fashion staple for the next trend, whether it was butterfly clips, comb headbands, or some other hair holder.

Recently we've seen a resurgence of this 90s accessory and we want to know what you think? Are you embracing the scrunchie as a long lost friend or should it only remain in our middle school yearbook? Let us know...comment below!

XOXO, Dear Reverie

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Move Over Unicorn! Adorable Alpacas and Llamas are Coming Through!

It seemed not so very long ago that we just couldn't get our fill of whimsical unicorns. Their horns, their rainbow colors, their elusiveness...everything about the mystic unicorn was just so intriguing and enchanting. And then, commerce as we know it took our love for these legendary creatures to the next level. Unicorns were everywhere: on planners, on keychains, and on pillows. Even Starbucks created a sugary, colorful, concoction dedicated to the unicorn for our consumption. 

But then the scene changed. Suddenly alpacas and llamas began making a guest appearance in our social media feeds, in boutique merchandise, and yes, they are even available to rent for weddings. Their large innocent eyes, quizzical smiles, soft fluffy wool, and perky ears suddenly have us swooning. It's hard to say just when the llama loving and alpaca adoring trend began, but honestly we're glad its here.

What about you? Are you team unicorn or team llama/alpaca? Let us know in the comments below. XOXO, Dear Reverie

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