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    From the Blog

    • July 26, 2020 Welcome to a World of Ribbon's & Reveries!

      Welcome to a world of ribbons and reveries! You'll find its filled with really pretty things and very pleasant daydreams! So step right in, we're glad you came!

    • June 29, 2020 4 Fun Things to Do During Summer Social Distancing

      Summertime is here and unfortunately so is social distancing for many of us. While this isn't the sweet summer solstice cocktail we were hoping for, the extra "indoors" time does allow us to put those creative juices to work and try some fun projects and hobbies. Here are four of our favorites:

    • April 23, 2020 Because When You Look Around...

      2020 has certainly not started off the way any of us would've ever imagined. So far, we've seen a lot of heartbreak, sorrow, and uncertainty.  It has been a challenge to turn on the news without feeling overwhelmed by what's happening in our local communities and the world. But there, right in the middle of the chaos and confusion, is something else too.

      If we take a moment to look away from the stormy pandemonium that can seem to loom over our heads, we can see so many beautiful things that Jehovah God has given us. There are many unsung stories of altruism, generosity, and kindnesses being shown to others by complete strangers. Appreciation for life deepens. There are more "I love you"s being said. There are more connections to and explorations of ones creative side. There are giggles and laughs filled with mirth when these creative attempts don't pan out just how we planned. And nature continues to surprise us with resplendent skies, fantastic flora, and unabashed wildlife.

      So even though we can't remove ourselves from this situation, we don't have to give in to despair. Because when you look around, this life is still pretty amazing.

      XOXO, Dear Reverie

    • December 28, 2019 2020... the Best is Yet to Come!


      As the end of 2019 wraps up it's time to cue the familiar, cliche saying: "I can't believe how fast the year went by!" We couldn't agree more, but looking forward, 2020 is going to be a beautiful year!

      Each year gives us new chances to reinvent ourselves, re-imagine our goals, and re-chase those dreams we've been pursuing.  It's a time for reflection, growth, and gratefulness. There's 365 days full of potential, possibility, pleasantness, and adventure...


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