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Who says daydreaming's a bad thing? Not me!

 Hello Darling Daydreamers!

My name's Angela and Dear Reverie was created in August of 2016 as a place to channel all of my fashion daydreams and share them with fellow daydreamers. I love jewelry, especially pieces that are unique and shimmery so I wanted a place where everything beautiful and affordable in women's fashion and accessories could wonderfully coexist. 
Dear Reverie started out mainly as a solo dream. However, without the support of many dear friends who cheered and encouraged me, and those first precious customers who weren't afraid to take a chance on a new boutique, that dream would not have become a reality. To those individuals I am very grateful and indebted.  Thank you.
Along the Dear Reverie journey, I was also privileged to meet my husband in April of 2018. He has helped me in countless ways and has nourished this dream as if it was his own. I can't describe how happy I am to have such a priceless person by my side.
Dear Reverie's newest development is a mobile trailer affectionately known as Carlita! So stay tuned for more information because she'll be popping up around OKC. 
So that's basically our story in a nutshell! Thank you so much for stopping by.  And remember - if it sparkles, shines, glitters, or gleams you'll find it here among our dreams!


Angela Dean, Owner

Dear Reverie, LLC