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Say Hello Again to an Old Friend...the Scrunchie is Back!

Love it or hate it the scrunchie is making its comeback stronger than ever! A new wave of tweens, teens, millennials, and moms have been embracing this iconic fashion accessory and welcoming it back into their wardrobes.

As a young girl I can remember putting in waaaaay too much time attempting to constantly match one (or, I'm ashamed to admit - even more than one) of these fabric bands to my colorful outfit. I'd gather my messy, curly-Q hair into a high ponytail and adorn it with a beloved scrunchie. But, as with all things fashion, this trend seemed to go as quickly as it came. Soon I abandoned this fashion staple for the next trend, whether it was butterfly clips, comb headbands, or some other hair holder.

Recently we've seen a resurgence of this 90s accessory and we want to know what you think? Are you embracing the scrunchie as a long lost friend or should it only remain in our middle school yearbook? Let us know...comment below!

XOXO, Dear Reverie

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