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Peony or Paeony? However you say it, it means springtime to me!

Hooray! Springtime is official here! So bring on the sunshine, bring on the longer, lighter days, and bring on one of my faa-av-orite flowers of all time...the peony of course! What's not to love about these big, beautiful blossoms?

Each year I eagerly await the first signs of the flowers awaking from their sleepy winter slumber. First pointed stalks slowly arise from the earth like earthy spears. Then perfect leaves unfurl and stretch for the sun. Next, tiny green spheres appear that are yet to unfold their most enchanting secret.

And then the magic begins to peak its way through the buds and before you know it, the gorgeous soft petals dance with the sugar ants and the sun in an organic ballet only springtime can bring! The delicate aroma catches a ride on the springtime breeze and the blossoms yield their gift to the world.

And that is why these flowers are one of my all time favorites. What about you? Which flower leaves you totally enraptured?

XOXO, Dear Reverie

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