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Ribbons & Reveries

Let's Roll With It!

Hello darlings! Guess what? We're taking this blog post on the road! (Well, um... not exactly literally). For this edition of Ribbons & Reveries we're going to be visiting with the boss babes behind some of OKC's most innovative shops on wheels. Whether you're a fashion lover, a beauty and makeup adorer, or a proud plant parent - we're sure you'll love these cute, mobile shops! So buckle up and let's roll! XOXO, Angela

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2018's Inspiration? "Believing in New Beginnings!"

Hello darlings and welcome to 2018!  What can I say? Time certainly flies by when you're having fun! It's so hard to believe another year is already here. 2017 moved by so quickly; I felt like I blinked and it was over! Although lots of things change with each passing year, some things do stay the same. So keeping with tradition, I like to find annual sources of inspiration. This years inspiration can be summed up as "believing in new beginnings".  With each passing day you can always find new things to look forward to, new goals to pursue, new people to meet, and new adventures to begin.  In 2018 I'll continue my quest to bring you dreamy jewelry that makes you want to challenge the conventional and break out of routine! And remember, always dare to daydream darlings!

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