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4 Fun Things to Do During Summer Social Distancing

So, summertime is here and unfortunately so is social distancing for many of us.  While this isn't the sweet summer solstice cocktail we were hoping for, the extra "indoors" time does allow us to put those creative juices to work and try some fun projects and hobbies.  Here are four of our favorites:

1. Start a Windowsill Garden - While it may be a bit late in the season to start a backyard garden bed full of all the veggies you love, it's the perfect time to start a lovely windowsill garden. Several common veggies will regrow after you use the tops simply by putting the "stubs" in fresh water and leaving them on your kitchen windowsill to soak up the happy sunshine! Why not try starting one today with romaine lettuce, green onions, or celery? You'll have a great time watching your little garden grow!

2. Add a Pop of Color to Your Closet - Our closets can be a sweet safe-haven of all our fashionable finds. But if you're like me, it doesn't take long before it can become overcrowded and lose it's little "je ne sais quoi". Now's the perfect time to bring back the excitement to your closet! Start by de-cluttering. You can donate the things you no longer wear, (or in my case, can no longer fit into because of all that corona virus/stay-at-home extra eating). Next, add the fun and whimsy. Wallpaper or a bold paint color can bring a fun focal point to a small space. Lastly, add a little bling - try adding a fun mirror to pull everything together.

3. Send a Post to a Pen Pal - In a sea of emails, texts, DMs, PMs, snaps, and instant messages, postcards and handwritten letters are like little island oases. Nearly everyone has a friend or two that lives farther away, or perhaps even overseas. Why not begin a lovely Marco-Polo message by postcard? Michael's and Hobby Lobby have cute stationary you can use to send a bit of cheer to someone you love. Keep in touch over the summer and watch your old-fashioned "inbox" grow! 

4. Curl Up in Your Favorite Nook with a Good Book - There's so many topics to choose from! Whether you're an old soul and love the hardbacks, or a lover of new technologies' e-readers, now's a great time to start or finish that book that's been on your list! Try picking a literary classic, a new field of interest, or even something humorous. Reading is a great way to broaden your horizons without ever having to leave your home!

These are just a few of our favorite past times during social-distancing. What about you? What are some of your favorite things to do during the summer?  XOXO, Dear Reverie

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